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Resourcing you to stimulate life-changing conversations with your friends, family, neighbours and community.


Our Resources

The Ugly Duckling Company is a charity that exists to explore how we can stimulate meaningful, spiritual conversations in contemporary culture. Our resources are designed to help Christians and local churches engage those around them with the ‘big’ and ‘not-so-big’ questions of life. These resources could be described as pre-evangelism, as they are aimed at those who are not engaged with church.

Where they’re used

Our resources are used in: churches, pubs, universities, homes, schools, hospitals, workplaces, cafes, prisons, care homes, youth clubs, hotels etc.

They are used by people who know each other well, others who have never met before, and some who would never believe they have something in common.

We occasionally publish reviews by those who use our resources, such as this short blog post by Mandy from Melbourne, Australia who has been using The Happiness Lab.

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