Lee’s Story

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After two years at University I decided that this route wasn’t the best one for me and so decided to leave. I was doing fine academically, but with no clear career path ahead of me I decided to do something different. I currently work at a betting shop, I enjoy the responsibility of my new job and the social element.

In attending The Happiness Lab one of the sessions that I found very useful was the one on practicing acts of kindness. I would think of myself as a kind person, but I don’t think that I was actively doing random acts of kindness for others. I didn’t spend every day looking to see who I could do something good for. 

One of the key things that has helped me develop a kinder approach to life is reflecting each evening on the opportunities during the day which I have taken or missed to be kind and then resolving to act better the following day. What this has also helped me do is move through the day looking out for new ways to be kind. 

I never really thought through what the impact on myself would be after doing kind things for others. It seemed the right thing to do. What I have discovered is that I have better relationships, I am kinder to myself after being kinder to others, I am prouder of the person I am, and more confident and sure of myself.