The Happiness Lab enables delegates to explore what psychologists, doctors and faith leaders say will make people happier.


The Course 

Based on a series of fly-on-the-wall documentaries, delegates follow twelve people as they explore a number of practices. The idea is that as we observe their journey, space is created enabling us to engage in a conversation about our own happiness.

This resource does not offer a prescriptive answer. Yes, professionals have pointed to indicators that could aid someone’s journey to their earthly “nirvana”, but the purpose of the course is to help delegates conduct their own experiments and come to their own conclusions. We operate on the belief that happiness comes from living well and that you live well when you exist as a spiritual person in a material age.

With regard to what outcomes those on the course and those hosting the course should be working for (or looking for), in our opinion it is that people are better equipped to flourish as they navigate their way through life.


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